20180402_191000.jpgCaptain Weston Oesterreich began his career with Palmer Lake Fire in 2010. He holds two Associate’s degrees. He has been a part of numerous large wildland fire incidents throughout the state of Colorado. Captain Oesterreich takes care of maintenance, equipment, and the overseeing of day-to-day department operations.


20180404_101055Lieutenant William Berry started with Palmer Lake Fire in 2014. He works as the department’s training officer and public information officer. In this role, he assists in the education of the line firefighters and education of the public.



Additional Career Staff:

Cale Lohman, Carlyn Costanzo, Charity Loar, Kyle Stevens, & Mitchell King


Alex Farr, Andrew Brewerton, Bailey Rathburn, Brandon Soletski, Breann Ritter, Carlyn Costanzo, Charity Loar, Colby Burson, Damian Moore, David Hennessy, Joshua James, Katelyn Case, Kyle Stevens, Mitchell Hakala, Mitchell King, Nathaniel Tilton, Ryan Sears, & Taylor Marshall