Mission & Values

Mission Statement

To assist and serve the community of Palmer Lake in the protection of life, property, and the environment and the prevention of emergencies that threaten residents and the town. To stand ever ready to provide professional and timely first response.


Pride is our Pay.


Courage: We strive to show courage by protecting the town’s people and visitors in the face of danger, putting the needs of others first.

Service: We are always ready to respond at a moment’s notice and support the community in emergency situations, emergency prevention, and help for those in need.

Dedication: We are dedicated to this community, its people, and the fire department itself, displayed by the thousands of hours of volunteer service our members have contributed.

Honor: We hold ourselves to high standards of integrity in the care we provide and tenacity in the job we do.

Tradition: We have a long history of community and fire department traditions that have been passed down for decades, and we strive to uphold these. We also recognize the importance of tradition in the fire service and do everything we can to respect those that have served before us and carry on their legacy.