Hiring Process

Please note that we are a combination department, and all part-time and full-time staff are hired from the existing volunteer pool.

If you are interested in volunteering with Palmer Lake Fire Department, you can find an application under the recruitment tab of the website. Please print and fill out the application in its entirety and bring it to the on-duty officer in person during the day at our station. Attach all applicable certifications as listed on the application as well as a recent copy of your driving record. You must be 18 years of age with a high school diploma or  GED and have a valid driver’s license.

Before you turn in your application or while your application is under review, we encourage you to take part in ride-alongs. These can be scheduled during daytime hours on any day of the week, and you will gain knowledge about the fire service, our department, and begin learning skills that will help you if you are offered a position. If you are interested in a ride-along, please contact the station phone at 719-419-4488. Uniform for these ride-alongs consists of black shoes (preferably tactical boots), a black belt, navy blue uniform pants (including EMS-style pants), and a grey polo shirt.

Based on your application, you may be offered a chance to interview with the department. You will be expected to be dressed in business professional clothing. Be prepared for a board-style interview. Please bring 4-5 copies of your resume to distribute to your interviewers.

Your interview will determine if you are offered a conditional spot as a candidate. Your driving record, passing of a background check, and successful completion of our candidate fitness testing day will determine your eligibility to begin volunteering as a probationary member.

Upon completing the above requirements, you will be assigned a shift and given a taskbook to begin working on.

If you need any help with the hiring process, please feel free to call us or stop by the station. We will be happy to address any questions or concerns you might have!