Burn Permits

In order to receive a permit for a Recreational Campfire in a permanent fire pit, grate, or screened outdoor fireplace as approved by Palmer Lake Fire Department, you must:

  • Maintain a charged hose line, 10 gallons of water, or a 10lb. (4A min. rated) ABC dry-chemical fire extinguisher within 25 feet of the fire at all times.
  • Ensure all flammable material is removed to mineral soil or non-combustible surface & soaked with water.
  • Attend fire at all times by an adult.
  • Completely extinguish fire after use.
  • Contain the fire in the area approved by Palmer Lake Fire Department.

This permit shall not supersede any county or state ordinances, laws or burn bans. Do not burn if wind exceeds 10 mph or extinguish if wind exceeds 10 mph while burning. This permit will only be valid on the date stated above.download

You may fill out this form to request a burn permit. All permits must be requested by 4PM on the day the burn is to take place. Palmer Lake Fire Department will stop by the intended burn site to drop off the permit and ensure the above conditions are met.